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To all my good friends. This time I continue the previous entry. This entry also discuss the same topics but with other ideas and tips. This time I gave two tips for you to know. hope you are all enjoying reading this entries ok

Reason #3: You do less housework.
You know that saying about a tree falling in a forest and there’s no one there to hear it? Well, if you leave a sock on the floor but there’s no one else there to see it, does it really need to be picked up? If you’re a single woman, you can contemplate deep questions like this one because you have more free time. According to one study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, women do less housework when single than when married. Men, on the other hand, do more housework when unmarried (that’s probably because there’s someone picking up after them once they’re wed…). So the message here is for unmarried women to enjoy their less chore-filled life; fill those free hours with classes, good books, blabbing with friends whatever makes you happy.

Reason #4: You can do what you want with your money including keep it.
Go ahead: Splurge on that pricey moisturizer or that obscenely large plasma TV you’ve been lusting after. You don’t have to justify your purchase to anyone but yourself. Once you mix money with marriage, though, things change and fast. According to a survey by Smart Money magazine, 40 percent of women and 36 percent of men have lied to their spouses about a purchase. “When you’re single, your finances are your own,” explains Phyllis Chase, a Los Angeles based psychologist and co-host of the radio show Shrink Rap. “When you’re married, you have to deal with different styles of spending and saving, and you may take on your partner’s debt.” And a marriage that doesn’t make it for the long haul can also have a major negative effect on one’s wealth. According to researchers at Ohio State University’s Center for Human Resource Research, during a divorce, men and women generally lose three-fourths of their personal net worth. Double ouch. 

ok friends, this is for this time entry. if u want more, we will continue on the other entries are ok. happy reading ..


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11 Responses
  1. salam kenal :)

    being single is awesomely cool...cant argue that...haha :)

    neway, cant leave a word on ur shoutmix...followed n nice blog too...:)

  2. woho.. yeah exactly hehe.. ok thanx ya coz following my blog.. i'll follow u back hehe..

  3. daku gumbira menjadi single..
    tapi kalau hati dah terbuka.. lme2 kene jgk buang title single tu..
    alahai 19 tahun menyingle!

  4. hahaha apa de hal naj.. single kn syok hehehe..

  5. lagi satu, duit tk cpt habis. haha

  6. ooo samalah impian kita berdua..akak pun teringin nak ke paris tu

  7. em single is a nice damn thing..
    but kita dicipta utk berpasangan..btul x..hhuhuhuh

  8. being single = no commitment

    so single = lagi kaya


  9. single mmg best.
    tapi nak jugak double. sbb teringin mau di sayangi. eceh.
    tah la tapi bila dah jadi macam2 perkara contohnya mneyampah dengan partner, jeles n wat so ever, rasa single is better. tai tak bleh nak pandang ke belkang da:))

  10. salam singgah kunjungan balas..

    blog ni cantik..info bagus tp agak berat nak loading masuk..

    nice blog :)

  11. ok thanx sume hehe.. thanx 2 tihara coz bg komen yg membina hehehe..

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